The Grugapark in Essen

Grugapark Umgebung Ruhrgebiet Essen Hotel An der Gruga Essen

A huge garden in the middle of an industrial area? This is the Grugapark: recreation and

Experience, nature and culture, sports facilities and picnic or barbecue areas, all this is offered by Essen’s most beautiful park all year round.

In the Grugapark it is always season. It begins already in February with the evening “park lights”. In spring, Essen’s most beautiful garden – affectionately called “the Gruga” – is full of color, even during the day. The large botanical garden is its heart. Besides the gardening part, the Grugapark Essen has even more to offer. From toddlers to active sportsmen and women to senior citizens, everyone will find something to enjoy here. Among other things, there is the Grugabahn, playgrounds, pony rides, the small animal garden, sports fields and also sunbathing areas.

The park, originally created in 1929 for the 1st Great Ruhrland Garden Exhibition, Gruga for short, was almost completely destroyed in the bombing war. But the people of Essen rebuilt their green jewel. As early as 1952, the Grugapark Essen invited visitors to a new horticultural exhibition, now with a changed landscape concept: geometry gave way to designed landscapes with lawns, lakes and woody plants. Its current shape is equally characterized by the gently curved lawns, hills and wide views from the post-war period and the concepts realized for the 1965 Federal Horticultural Show. The main attraction of the Grugapark Essen, however, is still the botanical highlights: seasonal lavish planting, the plant show houses and the landscaping show the park from its flowering side. Plant markets are held several times a year and there are numerous guided tours for those interested in botany in all seasons. Sculptures are scattered all over the park
renowned artists. The music pavilion regularly hosts concerts. Park festivals, Sunday concerts or cabaret provide further variety and true folk festival atmosphere in the park.

Grugapark Grugaturm Umgebung Ruhrgebiet Essen Hotel An der Gruga Essen
Grugapark Grugaleuchten Umgebung Ruhrgebiet Essen Hotel An der Gruga Essen

Also the topic health is capitalized under the slogan cure locally : Brine water drips in a saltworks at a large thorny wall down and lets the Passanten think of a climatic health resort.
The Hundertwasser House is a must see: Built in 2005 according to one of the last designs by Friedensreich Hundertwasser before his death, the colorful building serves as a guest house for the neighboring children’s hospital.

Another highlight is the Oktorail miniature railroad exhibition, which opens in 2014 and takes visitors into the industrial world of the Ruhr region. It is housed in the buildings of the orangery, along with the park information desk and a restaurant.

Would you like to view the area from above? The Grugaturm offers a wonderful panoramic view.
The beautiful Grugapark, which is known far beyond the city limits of Essen, is a very popular local recreation destination and is only 2 minutes’ walk from the “Hotel an der Gruga”, so that you can enjoy Essen’s green heart to the full at any time!

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A visit to the Grugapark is always worthwhile, perhaps just as a short break between strenuous meetings or after a long day at the trade fair.

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