Essen for cyclists – bike paths

Essen is developing into an incredibly bicycle-friendly city since the award of the “rusty spoke” in the 1990s. Due to the in the past years substantially improved bicycle traffic offer in the meantime a multiplicity of signposted cycle routes invite to extended wheel travels. In addition, meal has to exhibit a considerable increase in cycle tracks through the green. Also the surrounding Ruhr district has numerous beautiful routes to offer. Special highlights are the railroad lines – former railroad lines which have been converted into cycle tracks and, as idyllic cycle paths around Essen, invite you to take relaxed tours on a bike. You can also enjoy fascinating landscapes and fantastic views along the Ruhr or at Lake Baldeney. The very popular Ruhr Valley Cycle Path, which runs for 240 km through NRW, also runs along the Baldeneysee, which is about 5 km from the hotel. Our hotel is located directly on the route, the feeder road to the Ruhr Valley, and is therefore the ideal start or stopover for your cycling experience.

Although some of Essen’s cycle routes are already well known, for example at the Baldeneysee or the Ruhr, the offer is surprisingly larger than it appears at first glance. Thus, the route of industrial culture can also be ideally explored by bicycle. Cyclists will pass the Gasometer, the Zeche Zollverein mine and the Landschaftspark Nord on this 700 km long circuit through the industrial cultural landscape between Duisburg and Hamm. The ideal starting point for guests of our hotel is Villa Hügel, which is only about 10 minutes away.

A successful mixture of culture, industry and nature makes your trips around Essen a great and varied experience.

Don’t miss out on this, gladly also with our bicycles, which we, the team of the Hotel an der Gruga, will of course provide you with free of charge.

The Ruhrtal Bike path in Essen

Nature meets industrial culture!

The Ruhr Valley Cycle Path, a river-accompanying path through the densely wooded low mountain ranges of the Sauerland to industrial monuments in the Ruhr area, connects the entire Ruhr area with each other and also passes through the city of Essen. 240 kilometers of cycling pleasure in NRW! No other river in Germany connects (industrial) culture and nature in such a small area. The cycle path, along which the most diverse experiences are strung together like pearls on a string, leads along the Ruhr from its source on the Ruhrkopf near Winterberg to its mouth near Duisburg-Ruhrort. The cycle path was officially opened on April 30, 2006 with an opening ceremony on the premises of the Nachtigall colliery. You can cycle leisurely through forests, along fields and meadows, or on inner-city side roads if you are in one of the towns along the route.

If you love variety, the Ruhrtal bike path is the perfect choice for you! On the Ruhrtal bike path you will overcome an altitude difference of about 650 meters. There are gradients for the first 35 kilometers, then it is mostly flat; mostly asphalted and car-free, since it runs off the roads. By the way, the Ruhrtalradweg is an ADFC-awarded quality cycle route, which proudly bears its four stars. The Ruhrtal bike path runs along the shore of Lake Baldeney, which is only about 5.5 km away from the hotel, making the Hotel an der Gruga the ideal place to start or deserved rest during a stopover.

We are looking forward to seeing you!