Red Dot Design Museum

The world’s largest exhibition of contemporary design is not located in America or Asia, but in the middle of the Ruhr area.
In Essen – on the grounds of the Zollverein World Heritage Site – the Red Dot Design Museum has been located since 1997.
In addition to pioneering exhibitions in the field of contemporary design, the renowned “Red Dot Award” is presented here every year.

The Design Zentrum NRW, in the boiler house of the former colliery, which was rebuilt by Sir Norman Foster, stylish and practically designed objects from several decades, which were awarded the Red Dot Design Award, will be on display. The modern cultural venue clearly benefits from the charm of the old industrial plant. Lovers of unusual shapes and colors come from the astonishment hardly out, everywhere there is something to see. The museum has collected a total of 2000 objects from over 45 nations and added them to its collection. On 4000 square meters it presents everyday and industrial objects.

A visit to the Red Dot Design Museum should not be missed on any visit to Zeche Zollverein.

By car it takes about 20 minutes from the hotel.