Lake Baldeney

Lake Baldeney  is the largest of the six Ruhr reservoirs and is located in the south of the city of Essen. The lake is connected to the Ruhr in both directions and will eventually become the Kettwiger Stausee. It is a top recreational area and offers various leisure activities such as sailing, canoeing tours, fishing. Around the lake there are canoeing, sailing and other clubs for water sports. Even a diving club is here. To go around the lake completely, you have to cover 18 km. You can walk around the lake in 4,5 km. Start for the 4.5 km long route is the egattahaus in the Freiherr-von-Stein- Straße directly on the shore. There are parking spaces and the suburban train station “Essen Hügel”. On the footpath towards the Werden district, you will pass the impressive dam wall, the Brehminsel and then the historic town of Werden. Start for the 18 km long course is also the regatta house (as in the small round). At the dam wall, however, you turn left towards Fischlaken. You pass the bar “Das Haus am See” and the biker meeting point “Haus Scheppen”. At “Niko’s Biergarten am See” you cross the former railroad bridge Kupferdreh-Heisingen to the other side of the lake and back to the starting point. On the way back to the regatta tower you pass the bird sanctuary Heisinger Bogen, the Café Extrablatt and Seaside Beach. If you are on your bike or have inline skates with you, you can use the well-developed route around the lake for such activities. As a hiker, you can climb the Baldeneysteig, which has been around for several years and can be hiked in two stages. In total, the route (both parts together) is 26.7 km long and 600 meters high.

Baldeneysee Seaside Beach Ruhrgebiet Essen Umgebung Hotel An der Gruga

A further attraction is the boat trip on Lake Baldeney: During boat tours with the White Fleet, you can admire the lake and the area along the Ruhr from the water. The lake tours can be started from any landing stage on Lake Baldeney. Many sights along the route invite you to walk and discover. With a day ticket you can simply go ashore, enjoy the beautiful nature and get back on board as often as you like! The Hespertalbahn, the historical museum train invites you to a trip into the past. Around the lake there are several restaurants and beer gardens.

A highlight is the Seaside Beach Club at the Baldeneysee – the paradise in Essen – undoubtedly the most beautiful place far and wide to spend the summer, vacation feeling included. The visitor expects a altogether 250 meters long and 35 meters broad dream beach with more than 100 genuine palms, three South Seas bars as well as the singular cocktail bar Santa Cruz in the Seaside Beach Baldeney, which is integrated into a stranded sail boat. Meanwhile swimming in the lake is allowed again. Based on the dream beaches of this earth, an oasis of relaxation and entertainment was created with the Seaside Beach Baldeney on a total of 65,000 square meters. If you don’t want to just chill out, you are spoilt for choice: beach volleyball, climbing, cross-fit, soccer, hot rod, canoe, mini golf, Segway, windsurfing and much more is offered here. But Seaside Beach is also unique as a concert and event location: One highlight is the Smag Sundance Festival, which is very well known and popular far beyond the borders of Essen and attracts more than 10,000 fans every year.

Baldeneysee Seaside Beach Ruhrgebiet Essen Umgebung Hotel An der Gruga

The Baldeney Lake, which is rightly loved not only by the people of Essen, is only 5 km away from the Hotel an der Gruga and is part of every visit to our town. You will be amazed how beautiful it is there! Especially recommended is a bicycle tour around the lake, one of the most popular tours in Essen. For this purpose we will gladly provide you with our bicycles free of charge. We promise you that you will love this trip!