The Gruga Thermal Bath in Essen

The Gruga Thermal Bath perfectly combines health, fitness, wellness and relaxation.

Leave your stressful everyday life behind you and enjoy a few quiet hours in the Gruga Thermal Bath in the middle of the Gruga Park with fitness, physiotherapeutic
applications, extensive sauna landscape, brine pools in an Asian ambience and deep relaxation in the heart of the Ruhr area.

The spa offers various water pools, saunas and wellness treatments. You can expect a brine pool with 3% thermal brine and 32 °C water temperature, an indoor pool and a sauna area with a colored light bio-sauna, a light and fragrance sauna, saunas with changing fragrances and a large Japanese sauna in the pagoda temple as well as a starry sky steam bath.

Simply sweat away the daily routine and relax in the salt sauna, for example, where you can strengthen your immune system. In the sauna garden you can
climb into the snail-shaped plunge pool and enjoy the calming environment of the outdoor area, which is decorated with bamboo, Asian plants and various rock formations. A rose quartz sauna, the starry sky steam bath and the scented sauna are also available. Aqua sport courses are offered in the swimming pool. A large relaxation room with a fireplace and loungers promises subsequent relaxation. From a distance the construction reminds of a wooden cathedral.

A light smell of salt is in the air. A walkway leads around the saltworks and allows the inhalation of the air enriched with salt. Water with a brine concentration of 25% runs continuously over a wall filled with blackthorn brushwood. Regular use stabilizes the immune system and increases mental and physical performance.

In the Gruga Thermal Bath, which is located within walking distance of the Hotel An der Gruga, you will find the relaxation you need after an exhausting day at the trade fair, for example.
search. Visit the Gruga Thermal Bath and treat yourself to a day’s vacation in the middle of the Gugapark in Essen.
It is worth it!