The Ruhr Museum

The Ruhr Museum is located in the former coal washing plant of the Zeche Zollverein, Shaft XII in Essen. Impressive orange escalators take visitors up to the museum, where they can learn even more about history and present in the identity-forming permanent exhibition about the entire natural and cultural history of the Ruhr region or in the spectacular temporary exhibitions

of the Ruhr area. The different exhibition levels, on which the natural and cultural history of the region is presented, are connected by apparently red-hot stairs. The Ruhr Museum, formerly the Ruhrlandmuseum, is a natural and cultural history museum for the Ruhr region with a wide range of collections and departments. It is not a classic industrial museum, but rather a memory and showcase of the Ruhr metropolis.

We can only recommend that you make a detour to the Ruhr Museum when you explore the Zeche Zollverein. We recommend that you visit the colliery and also the Ruhr Museum as part of a double-decker city tour. You can get on the bus about 50 m from the hotel at the Gruga in a relaxed manner.